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Generate SSH Key

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  1. Generate an SSH key using the following command in the preferred command line: (change my_gcp_keyname & USERNAME)

ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/my_gcp_keyname -C USERNAME


2.Enter the following command to make the key private

chmod 400 ~/.ssh/my_gcp_keyname


3. Enter the following command to view the key

cat ~/.ssh/


4. To view ssh key file for upload, use the following command.

mv ~/.ssh/my_gcp_keyname ~/Desktop/new_filename


(Learn how to use the ssh key for filezilla: click here)

When the key is generated you can access files and cloud terminal from the command line using the following steps.(if using mac)

  1. Enter the following command to access cloud command line from local terminal

ssh -i ~/.ssh/my_gcp_keyname USERNAME@ip-address









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